Women in Tech

At the May 2022 ACPE annual conference, the board hosted a Women in Tech session. The room was full. And, the stories and observations had a common theme: the gender imbalance in K-12 technology teams is real. We left with a number of ideas and a call to action. We invite you to join us as the ACPE Women in Tech cohort forms this spring. One of our first tasks is to co-create our mission, framework, principles, and how we’ll do this work and celebrate together.

The invitation below is extended to K-12 technology staff in Oregon and Washington. Things to note:

  • We will have two groups.
    • ACPE Women in Tech (WiT), open to all who identify as women.
    • ACPE WiT Allies, for our male and gender expansive colleagues.
  • We’ll be designing the WiT framework and program together this spring; details are yet to be worked out, but we are looking forward to events, programs, collective learning and progress.
  • This is a long-term effort. Join as you are able to today. Generational change is slow and there will be many opportunities ahead!

Thank you to OETC, the convening sponsor for this group. 

Join Us

ACPE Women in Tech (WiT)

Past, present, and future. At events across the Pacific Northwest the past two decades.

Notes and lists from the ACPE 2022 session.

Our Questions

  • How do we nurture female leadership?
  • How does ACPE take a leadership role in our region and nationally with our partner organizations?
  • How do we maintain interest in technology into middle school high school, i.e. esports and technology clubs?
  • How do we change the future?

Our Ideas

This is a small sample of our larger list:

  • Mentoring (highest value during the 2022 conversation)
  • Recruiting earlier
  • STEM programs and Girls who Code
  • ACPE event dedicated to Women in Tech
  • Paid internships, with partnership with local colleges/community colleges
  • CoSN CETL scholarship opportunities for women
  • Allyship, with our male peers building culture around helping each other to increase inclusion & belonging and eliminating stereotypes
  • Interview coaching and resume reviews

Our To-Do List

  • Convening a Women in Tech cohort
  • Determining ACPE’s role in this issue
  • Creating spaces for continued work and conversation
  • Building a long-term strategy for making positive change

We hope you’ll join us.

Our Convening Sponsor

OETC logo

Thank you to OETC for its generous support in this inaugural year of ACPE Women in Tech. OETC is a trusted partner for school districts and technology leaders throughout the ACPE region.