ACPEnw 2020 ——— COVID-19 Physical Distancing Style!

We are missing the mountain. And each other. And Mallards. And our vendor partners and sponsors. And the camaraderie we all share each May. We know we can’t replicate our annual conference experience in a fully virtual space…. 

But, we can give away prizes!!!

(And celebrate our traditions.)

On this page are invitations and details for events and connections. Please join us as you’re able.

Karaoke Challenge

Hit us with your best shot, 20 seconds to four minutes. These entries are not due until Sunday night at 7 p.m. Winners will be announced Monday. Email link to

Bonus points for a group zoom and/or a share to social media with the #acpenw tag.

It can be simple singing like this:

A simple car karaoke like this:

Or a little more sophisticated lipsync like Channing Tatum’s breakout role with Queen Bey (hahahahaha; go for it):

Or back to the car for easy and great for lipsyncs:

Have fun!

The ACPE Run The Block 5k!

On Thursday or Friday afternoon, run a 5k against yourself and the clock. And your ACPE running family. Choose a route in your neighborhood or an open park. Use your tracking device—because really, if not, did it even happen?— and send your results to

Prizes will be awarded to first female and first male. And one bonus prize for the best race selfie (pre- or post-race accepted) tagged with #acpenw5k on social media.

Happy racing!

The Wednesday Evening Recap

ACPE Photo Archive Challenge

This is the easiest challenge of the week! And, we have five prizes available for it. Time to dig through your archive of photos from the mountain. Upload a photo here (with permission to share) or tag #acpenw on social media. Submissions due by noon Sunday.

Prizes for:

  1. Oldest photo of an ACPE conference.
  2. Best ACPE group photo.
  3. Best ACPE activity photo.
  4. Judges’ Choice.
  5. Judges’ Choice.

 Submit your entry here:

ACPE2020 DJ Joe’s Dance Party!

DJ Joe, you never disappoint. Thanks for sharing your love of music with us, even when we’re all listening across the PNW, instead of dancing together on the mountain.

Are you Apple music? We’ve got that covered, too: ACPE2020 – DJ Joe’s Dance Party on Apple Music. Thanks, Joe!

2020 Lawn Games!

Steve Langford, ACPE Board Member, introduces the virtual mini-putt-putt challenge and rules. 

ACPE Dance Challenge

This challenge might be the hardest of the week (at least for some of us)! And, again, we have five prizes available for it.

Upload your dance moves to YouTube or social media and submit the link here. These entries are not due until Sunday night at 7 p.m. Winners will be announced Monday.

Prizes for:

  1. Best effort, using one of the songs on DJ Joe’s playlist above.
  2. Best group dance (via Zoom or a quick edit to combine individuals doing the same dance).
  3. Spirit award. Can’t dance? We’ve got you covered.
  4. Judges’ Choice.
  5. Judges’ Choice.

 Submit your entry here:

Nature Hunt – with a Twist

One of the best things about ACPE are all the great outdoor activities. One of my favorite activities is the Nature Walk and while we can’t be at The Mountain, we can take ourselves outside on our own Nature Hunt – with a Twist.

How to play:

Between Wednesday 4 pm and Friday 4pm, go on a scavenger hunt (outside) and take pictures of the objects/plants/scenery you see that would match things on the list.

  • Make a copy of the attached Nature Hunt List
  • Insert your pictures
  • Share it back to
  • Bonus points for selfies with the items, creativity, and highest step count!

We will award prizes for first, second, and third place!

Jennifer Clouser

ACPE Board Member, Auburn School District, Washington

ACPE Trivia Night!

The Northshore crew (plus an Everett friend) kept us feeling the ACPE love (and nerdy trash talk) this week. Wednesday night’s winners were:


  1. Team Tenino (Paula Perryman)
  2. To the Moon (Dave Moon)
  3. The B Team (Chris Bailey)
  4. Jason Oliphant

Thanks to Todd, Pete, Joe, and Shelby for an excellent evening!