Call for Presentations: SecureIT 2021

Thank you for your interest in presenting at this year’s SecureIT conference. As always, the sessions led by our members are the best value of this annual event. This year’s theme—information and cyber security—is carried over from the necessary COVID-postponement of our 2020 conference. The keynotes and focus sessions will speak to this theme. And we encourage membership proposals on security-related topics, as well. In addition, it’s a year of learning about distributed and distance learning, change management, video conferencing, health attestations, phone mobility, and so much more. We welcome all topics and proposals related to the work we do.

  • Please let us know your co-presenters if you're pitching this as a panel or group session.
  • Who is this session designed for? Engineers, help desk, teachers, CIOs, etc. You can also indicate beginners, intermediate, advanced, etc. And you can also specify people using or interested in a specific brand or technology, or anything else attendees should know.