SecureIT 2021: Sponsor Preferences (Gold and Bronze)

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Thank you for your continued sponsorship and partnership with ACPEnw. Please use the form on this page to indicate your preferences for this year’s event.

You will receive an automated email with both the responses you supplied on this form and this list of “what’s next.”

Here is what to expect next:

  1. A video overview and “How to ACPE” pack for your sponsorship level.
  2. This how-to pack covers our gamification plan for this year’s event. If you have attended an ACPE conference in person, you know that casino chips are our coin of the realm. We are continuing the tradition this year and have a bank of chips for you to award.
  3. We’ll also explain Discord and—our virtual conference platform—and how we’re supporting you and your team in those venues.
  4. Conference registration and the call for presenters opened to the ACPE membership on February 1. The keynote speaker lineup and schedule overview launches April 1.
  5. Bootcamps, certification and advanced training series, and special conference lead-ins begin March 15.
  6. The Discord conference space opens May 1.
  7. The main conference is May 4-6.

We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you in the months ahead.

The sponsor preferences form is no longer accepting responses. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.