Winner Winners! ACPE2020 Virtual Events

We missed the mountain this spring. And each other. And Mallards. And our vendor partners and sponsors. And the camaraderie we all share each May. We knew we couldn’t replicate our annual conference experience in a fully virtual space…. But we did give away prizes.

Winners are listed below. And we’re all winners on DJ Joe’s ACPE Dance Party playlist. Keeping it here for all. 

ACPE2020 DJ Joe’s Dance Party!

DJ Joe, you never disappoint. Thanks for sharing your love of music with us, even when we’re all listening across the PNW, instead of dancing together on the mountain.

Are you Apple music? We’ve got that covered, too: ACPE2020 – DJ Joe’s Dance Party on Apple Music. Thanks, Joe!

Winners By Challenge

Lawn Games

First Place! (Tie)

  • Ervin Miller (North Clackamas) & Allen Miedema (NorthShore)
  • Joe Frischman (North Bend) & Joel Geist (Bellevue)

Second Place

  • Max Sigander (Banks) & Jim Newton (Beaverton)

Nature Walk

  • Justin Holcomb
  • Josh Kesecker
  • David S. Moon

Dance Challenge

No Entries

(sad panda)

Run The Block 5k

  • Ian Walker
  • Amy Westendorf


Photo Archive Challenge

  • Rick Wahlstrom
  • Gizzelle Akin
  • Andy Hashimoto
  • Dave Moon
  • Barb Moses
  • Shawn Shultz
  • Ervin Miller
  • Jim Newton
  • Chris Forsythe

Karaoke Challenge

  • Katherine Livick
  • Ervin Miller


ACPE Trivia Night

  1. Paula Perryman
  2. Dave Moon
  3. Chris Bailey
  4. Jason Oliphant

Huge, special thanks to Gizzelle Akin for her years of fun and photos with the Structured team and the ACPE family…and for sharing a full album of them for this challenge.

Congratulations to the winners! Amazon gift cards for all! We’re thankful for your spirit of participation this weird COVD-19 spring.

Until next year….